Plastic mold technology

Now, Plastic mold technology has become the measure of a country’s products an important indicator of the level of one, because to a large extent determine the mold product quality, effectiveness and new product development capability. 
Plastic mold the development of the plastics industry with the development of the. In recent years, people of various equipment and supplies lightweight and the appearance and feel of the increasingly high demand for plastic products which provide a wider market. Plastic products to develop, it is necessary to follow the development of plastic mold. Automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, industrial electrical appliances, building materials, electronic communications, such as plastic products sector in recent years are the main users of high and fast-developing, therefore, also the rapid development of plastic mold. In 2007, China ……

Plastic material assistance in the launch of Shenzhou VII

Posted under China plastic news by Candy on Tuesday 20 January 2009 at 1:03 amA plastic additives industry in the eyes of God and the Shenzhou VII seven new material.Yong plastic dyeing technology with the wish of God seven successful launch! Plastic Additives, as a practitioner, I am concerned about is the following aspects of the new material, perhaps in the near future, these new materials into our lives, or will inspire us to develop new varieties of plastics additives.

Fabric coating process
Extravehicular work to face the “mechanics of materials, thermal optical, durable” triple the demand, so requests, the spacesuit is not the same as using high-performance fiber, polymer matrix composites + nano metal powder coating formula to implement Tu layer processing, as “God seven” spacesuits outer material way. It sounds like a very complicated, in fact, is the basic material, but certain parameters must meet stringent requirements.

Parachute recovery special polyester material
This material very thin, is the use of high strength, lightweight, the buffer of good tailor-made polyester material. Securidaca thin, square Takifugu, feels silky feel, get a feather in the hands of light if. Each string is small, such as hair, but these “hair” like a rope, each can carry the weight of 300 kilograms or more. Polyester Spandex increase, we will not be intimidated by a special word, but reporters coloratura because of state secrets that he could not write, but also get less than the relevant parameters. The key lies in strength, wear resistance and weatherability, maybe some kind of modified application process, adding a kind of modified additives. This is, however well-developed textile industry in China is not a genius addition to problems.

High-strength polycarbonate helmet
This is explicitly mentioned in the relevant part of the plastic. Helmet by the helmet shell, surface composition window, and collar. Helmet shell made of high strength polycarbonate, face the window except for a broader vision, there is also the role of the UV filter to protect the eyes; the collar is the helmet of the connector and clothing, and good air tightness and joint strength. Plastic Additives finally see the figure, anti-ultraviolet, it is estimated that this resistance is also high and low temperature of the Invincible.
Spacesuit umbilical cord is estimated that the new materials invincible
Extravehicular spacesuit umbilical cord to the astronauts of the vital signs returned spacecraft, the launch of the spacecraft system is the lifeline. Even at minus 80 ℃ to zero at 250 ℃ extreme circumstances, or bending ten thousand times, it can guarantee the signal, the stability of data transmission. It is powerful material, it is estimated that Noah’s Ark If there is such material, then God is even more at ease.

Spacesuit incredible Weatherability
Spacesuit-oriented side of the sun to withstand high temperatures baked more than 200 degrees Celsius, while the back side of the sun is low temperatures below zero degrees Celsius frozen, but also a certain degree of radiation filters. Gastight restrictions layer with non-toxic, lightweight, high compressive strength, elongation small fabric, and rubber material, to maintain airtight clothing, clothing system has pushed the major joint activities to have a certain degree. The weather is really amazing, and if the development of such an additive, I think I will definitely be crazy.

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