Project Management

  • Fortis will assist the medical plastic molding manufacturers in all aspects of development and production molding of their project. In the development stage EPIC will:
    1. Identify materials and material sources.
    2. Select the most appropriate molding machine.
    3. Design and build plastic molds.
    4. Design the proprietary molding process.

  • EPIC will develop the product from start to finish, consult, or assist you in your molding of resorbable polymers, all depending on the needs of our customers.

Resorbable Polymers

  • Resorbable polymers are formulated to degrade over time. This is ideal for medical applications where the bone, muscle or tissue heals and the implant is no longer needed. The implants can be injection molded in the form of screws, tacks, staples, suture anchors etc.
  • Foris does not manufacture the resorbable polymers, however, Foris will work with you and the resorbable polymer manufacturers to ensure you use the most appropriate material for your application. If your material needs to be a custom material, Foris will quickly develop a process for it and provide information that assists in getting timely approval of your device.
  • Because the material is expensive, Foris bases our machine selection, and mold design to minimize the waste of your Resorbable polymer. This saves money for EPIC and our customer.

Medical Plastic Molding

  • Day’s Molding in Constantine, MI and Accutech Plastics in Marlborough, MA have been molding medical products for over 10 years each and have Class 100,000 and Class 10,000 clean rooms. 
  • Foris, (including Day’s Molding and Accutech Plastics) adheres to current Good Injection mold Manufacturing Practices and are ISO 9002 approved by certified registrars.

Scientific Injection Molding

  • Fotis has invested heavily in the state of the art processing hardware & software AND is one of the foremost practitioners in scientific molding. Obtaining the proper training and experience takes years of practice and reinforcement. Fortis has degreed processing engineers that mastered scientific molding at our Day’s Molding facility. 
  • Fortis has one of the leading expert processing consultants in the world in John Bozzelli as part of the SciTech consulting staff.
  • The high level of processing expertise enables EPIC to apply the appropriate fundamentals to each new situation quickly. 

Class 10,000 Clean Room

  • All Resorbable products are molded in a Class 10,000 clean room on electric injection molding machines that are customized to your needs.

Resorbable Polymer Molding

  • EPIC’s expertise is injection molding resorbable materials including very high Inherent Viscosity materials. 
  • Because of our scientific molding experience and scientific approach, EPIC is able to quickly zero in on a process unique to your component. 
  • EPIC has a proprietary development process which ensures consistent quality even with the most difficult to mold resorbable polymers. 
  • We have an expert staff of Engineers and Technicians specifically trained in Resorbable Polymer development and production. 

Tool making

  • EPIC has mold design and builds experience for resorbable polymers, thus minimizing material waste. Twenty mold makers staff our in-house tool room. In addition, EPIC has one of the leading tool design experts in John Klees on our SciTech Consulting staff.
  • Fortis Bought injection mold china company in 2018 names EPIC, provide mold making service for overseas customers, offer the middle size plastic molds up to 30 tonnages.

If you are looking for any plastic mold making service or injection molding service from our China mold factory or Fortis Plastics Group, you are welcome to send us your requirement for quotation.