Insert Molding

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Insert molding processes allows for “inserts” to be placed into the mold, prior to the molding process for various design implications. This can be metal hardware or other plastic parts. The injection process fills the mold cavities and encapsulates the “inserts” into the part design. This allows for assemblies that would be difficult or impossible to manufacture otherwise.

Fortis Plastics group is an experienced manufacturer of injection mould tooling working in partnership with customers all over the world in the consumer, industrial, electronics, telecommunications, and automotive industries.

Established in 1979 and now with one hundred employees and three manufacturing sites, the Fortis Plastics group has the ability to meet all your injection mould requirements, swiftly and cost-effectively.

Our annual production of more than 200 tools gives Fortis Plastics group the capacity to meet the tight schedules demanded by our customers in the 21st Century.

Fortis Plastics

precision injection moulds

hot runner systems

insert molding

moulds with in-mould / inlay decoration

moulds for high volume, hi-speed production

two color injection moulds

in-house mould testing

two manufacturing facilities

injection moulds up to 2500T press

moulds with gas assisted injection

moulds with complex hot runner systems
in-house mould testing up to 650 ton