Over Molding

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The overmolding process is similar to the Insert Molding process. In this process, a thermoplastic material is molded on top of another plastic part. The “insert” in this case is the plastic part. This allows for an injection molded parts to have (2) or more materials in the same part. The parts can have a mechanical or chemical bond to each other, depending on the resin types selected. Ergonomics have pushed this process and allow for parts to have a hard substrate for rigidity, yet be covered with a softer material for the interface portion of the product.

The simplest, most robust injection molding

Current Locations

The home office and all development for EPIC is located in Constantine, MI along with another of SciTech’s operating units, Day’s Molding and Machinery, LLC.

Resorbable products are currently produced in our Class 10,000 clean room at our Day’s Molding facility in Constantine, MI. Additional production capacity is available in our class 10,000 clean room at our Accutech facility in Marlborough, MA, if needed.

SciTech Plastics also has operating units Accutech Plastics, Inc. of Marlborough, MA, Golston Co. of Sanger, TX and JD Automation of Sterling, MA. 

Confidentiality Statement

The confidentiality of our customers is of paramount importance to everyone at EPIC.
EPIC will not discuss or divulge any information to your competitors nor will we allow anyone to see your product without your permission.
EPIC will sign customers confidentiality agreements.
EPIC has a standard mutual confidentiality agreement available if needed.