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Chinese molding Company

Sincere tehc is the top ten best Chinese molding company, professiona on Mold mold and molding Services, the only focus on the mold, Dongguan precision, material analysis, testing organizations, in 2009 began to build. Center located in the public service platform. It is from Dongguan City Hardware Machinery Mold Industry Association launched Science and GC […]

China Plastic Products Manufacturing

Based on information from Customs General Administration P.R. China, State Economic and Trade Commission, China Plastic Products Manufacturing Industry Council, China Daily Plastic Goods Manufacturing Economy Information Center, and information from relative newspapers and magazines, combined our survey on Daily Plastic Goods Manufacturing enterprises and institutes, this report covers the development status, demand and supply, […]

Plastic mold technology

Now, Plastic mold technology has become the measure of a country’s products an important indicator of the level of one, because to a large extent determine the mold product quality, effectiveness and new product development capability. Plastic mold the development of the plastics industry with the development of the. In recent years, people of various equipment […]

Rubber Mould

We can manufacture various type of Rubber Molders, including vehicle type ones, which are for car lights and vehicle fittings; electrical appliance type ones, which are for air conditioner parts, TV set accessories and speaker cases; telecom type ones, which are for telephones, exchangers and cell phones; daily necessity type ones, which are for barrels, boxes […]

injection moulding solutions

China plastic Mold is a professional injection moulding solutions company, offering customers the best injection molders solutions service. First we will share you some plastic injection molding knowledge: Thermoplastic plastic injection molding method that is molten plastic material and then injected into its membrane cavity.Once the molten plastic into the mold, according to it by cold-like cavity molding into a certain shape. The shape is usually the final […]

Injection Molding Company

We’ve recently seen a big spike in injection molding orders. Ironically with the increase of personal desktop 3d printing, more and more designers are finding a mass market for mass produced injection molding. Whether you’re one of the new guys or whether you’re an experienced veteran in manufacturing starting with CNC machine tooled molds, our […]

plastic injection mold design

China Plastic Mold is a professional plastic injection mold design company, offering customers plastic injection molding design services. Our usual plastic injection mold design progress: The mission statement of acceptance Molding of plastic component tasks normally made by the component designer, which reads as follows : After certifying the formal system component drawings, and annotated using plastic brands, and transparency. plastic component manuals or technical requirements. Production output. plastic Products samples. Usually […]

Plastic Mold Maker News

Introduction to Dip Molding and CoatingCandle making is probably one of the earliest dip molding/coating processes used in the industry. It is still in use today. Dip coating has also been an important branch of food processing. For example, chocolate and/or caramel are often coated on many nuts, cookies, and dry or fresh fruits. Dip […]