Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing a variety of Plastic Injection Molds, like plastic caps plastic Injection molds, Injection Molds for screws, gears, buckets, Plastic Injection Molds for bottles, electronic components and all Molds for injection molding and blow molding. In addition, our company makes and exports more than 1000 moulds for the various plastic industry companies around the world.

We have advanced CNC Machine, EDM Machine, Wire-Cutting Machine(including low-speed), Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and state of the art processing machinery.

Our plastic products manufactured strictly comply with ISO9001:2000 spirit and regulations. Being authorized “Glory” brand with advanced equipments and machinery awarded “Quality Appreciation Brand” by Philippines Technical Supervised Intelligence Bureau in the year 2009.

We know our market demands High-quality service for forgen and domestic Market. Our moulds have been exported to US, UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Russia, Syria, Japan, India etc.