Chinese molding Company

Sincere tehc is the top ten best Chinese molding company, professiona on Mold mold and molding Services, the only focus on the mold, Dongguan precision, material analysis, testing organizations, in 2009 began to build. Center located in the public service platform. It is from Dongguan City Hardware Machinery Mold Industry Association launched Science and GC plastic mold Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhenan investment in Changan Town, Dongguan City, and two levels of government and key support for the mold industry innovation service platform. Has invested more than 7 million yuan to purchase a high-end test equipment, set up mechanics and metrology laboratories to provide technical support for mold businesses. It is reported that the center is the Pearl River Delta region’s only professional mold analytical testing bodies.

    At the same time, the center hired a professional technical team can provide enterprises with material analysis testing, research and development and cooperation, technical norms and standard-setting and other services. Engineer with Jia Yongxiang briefed reporters from the British LK Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machine is a high-end test equipment, measurable components of various machinery and mold the plane and spatial data.

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