Customer satisfaction has always been the ultimate goal of ST Plastic Molding Company. While our machines sell around the world, our service is as well pervaded over every corner of the world. In order to enhance quality service, ST plastic Molding company provides an experienced professional engineering team at customer service. Not only that the engineer must undergo continuous training sessions, but who also need to adapt new information and technology worldwide, as it is to integrate ones technical knowledge, as well as to upgrade ones competitiveness in the industry. As a team, we wish to provide the best quality products and services to the world. It is the forever principle of GC Mold.
• Turnkey Solution
In the world of globalization, to keep abreast of world trends, we provide a series of turnkey solutions as additional services for the plastic industry. The mission is carried out by our experienced technical team for visiting and counseling clients from around the world. In China, we have remarkably carried out many successful cases. Our service includes total facility automation standardization, planning, design, manufacturing, install, turnkey and service maintaining. We are also in charges of equipment, solutions, and materials planning in respect to the various demands of our customers.
• Service Location and Distribution
Our high quality machines and innovative service are distributed worldwide, which include North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan. Our maintenance stations can be found in the regions listed. Our technicians residing in these areas are ready to provide the fastest professional service to our clients.
• Technical Support
In case of any questions, we recommend to use facsimiles, e-mail , or telephone to contact us . Our technical personnel will be glad to serve and provide you the most satisfactory and instant solution.
• Installation Service
Our technicians will be dispatched to the customer’s location for machine installation and installation counseling, as well as operational counseling and training.
• Professional Mold Testing Service
Professional mold testing is available when customer provides the mold. Combined shipment for delivery is available after testing.
• Quality Assurance
A one-year warranty available for new machine under normal operation.
• Sufficient Parts Supply
We supply sufficient parts with reasonable prices and quick delivery. Prior to delivery, inspection is conducted to ensure quality control.
• Periodical Itinerancy Maintenance
The periodical itinerancy maintenance service conducted by our engineers and technical team ensures the best performance of customer’s machines.
• Customer Satisfaction Survey
To upgrade our quality & service, we dedicate in conducting surveys regarding customer satisfaction in both quality and post-purchase service. The mission helps to ensure machine qualities and the improvement of customer service.

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