Plastic Injection Tooling

Here are some recent Fortis Plastics Group prototyping, plastic injection tooling & production applications. For additional information or assistance, please contact

On-line inspection instrumentation for the computer industry.  Inspection gage with remote SPC capabilities for the inspection of computer drive systems.

Prototype housing for an electronic geophysical surveying device. Made without tooling by joining together multiple sections made by stereolithography.

Ten plastic molds in ten weeks. Precision manufacturing and time to market were critical issues for CR Bard. And Brookfield Group came through. A remarkable development schedule. production and fine-tuning often plastic injection tooling mold in ten weeks.

Progressive die for the manufacture of the industrial razor blade holder. Die produced components complete, eliminating the need for secondary operations.

Parallel development of prototypes and building tools for the hand-held terminal. To save time and money, the first 10,000 pieces were manufactured by using modified aluminum molds initially used for prototypes.

Large inspection gages for the aircraft industry.Two stations final inspection gage utilizing ultra precision LVDT electronic probes feeding to  PC computer for SPC of commercial aircraft turbine vanes.

Early involvement adds value to the Allen Wrench Tool Caddy production. Early project management. even at the napkin sketch phase… helps identify the many steps where Brookfield Group can eliminate time lapses and/or operate concurrently to gain, rather than lose, time.