N95 And EN149 FFP2 Face Masks

The most protective and very essential masks are N95 and en149 FFP2 face mask. The necessity of these kinds of masks is increasing day by day. The surge in the emergence of the covid-19 necessitates various masks, but the standard and widely used mask are en149 FFP2 masks. en149 CE FFP2 mask manufacturer regularly provide their huge amounts of masks to the EN149 FFP2 mask wholesale to meet the demand. Whatever, both the N95 and en149 CE FFP2 masks are very similar, and the filtration efficiency of these masks is 94 and 95 percent, respectively. The effectiveness of this mask has led to more popularity.

The formation of the N95 and EN149 FFP2 face makes:

N95 and FFP2 face mask are different from the others masks in the case of filtration. The filtration of N95, as well as the FFP2 mask’s respiratory, is outstanding. These masks are composed of three layers non-woven and synthetic. 

At the time of production, melt blowing and create an inner filtration layer, which filters the toxic particle of the surrounding. These layers are got in various kinds of thicknesses. This is the main difference among the other types of masks. N95 and FFP2 have a highly protective filtration system. They protect the people from each small particle and germs. Because of the loose feet and various reasons, the surgical mask cannot provide complete protection against contaminants, viruses, and bacteria. 

For example, the tiny particles transmitted by coughs, sneezes, or another medical process, are not be filtrated by the general or surgical mask. The efficiency of the filters of the surgical masks ranges from 10% to 90 %. The standard range for this purpose is 80%-100%.

On the other hand, N95 and FFP2 can filter tiny germs or particles as it is produced by highly developed technology.

The confusion at the time of choosing the en149 ffp2 face masks:  

There is a more significant similarity between the two masks. We can choose both at the same, but we may have hesitation to buy one of them. To be sure about the excellent quality of the two masks, we will have to consider the efficiency of the masks. The higher efficiency of filtration of the mask provides better output. As the respiratory of the N95 is 94% and FFP2 is 95%, we can choose FFP2 over the  

N95 face makes:

Generally, the world health organization does not suggest using the FFP2 for every people. It is a medical facemask, and WHO recommends the people using a non-medical facemask.

Both N95 and FFP2 are the best masks used by the doctors, health workers, and the people working for covid-19 affected people and who have been affected covid-19.

For a better layer and filter, the necessity of the N95 and FFP2 is ongoing.

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