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Strategic Sourcing Leader for GEHC Madison, said :

Fortis Plastics continues to be a valued partner for over 15 years by providing continuous solutions from design assistance to cost reductions so we can meet the demanding needs for our customer base.”


Dan, Senior Engineering Manager for  EMERSON said :

“I have worked with Fortis Plastics (formally L+P Plastics) for the last twenty+ years. The projects that we worked on ranged from Straight injection molding , foam molding &amp assisted gas injection moldin. The materials we used also varied from project to project. The outcome of all our project were successful, due in a large part, because of the help given us by Fortis plastics. That help included working with us on the initial design, material selection, tooling & the correct process requirements. There were many occasions, where I believe Fortis went above and beyond what was require of a molder to help us make our Production schedule. I am in the process of retiring and would like to thank you Fortis (also L+P) for the help you have given me over the years. I wish you & Fortis continued success in the future. “


Wayne, MARS, North America Commodity Manager – West Chester, PA, says :

“Fortis Plastics ,through innovation, creativity and good business practices has become one of our most valued suppliers. We at Mars value our principles and our ability to continuously improve. Fortis truly exemplifies our values and abilities.”