The In-Mold Laminate/Low Pressure (IML) process combines standard machine technology with enhanced software and additional clamp control capabilities. The process has matured in the automotive market for molding laminates (carpets and vinyls) in products such as door panels.  In-Mold Laminate Molding eliminates post-molding assembly steps for lower manufacturing costs and increase productivity per square foot.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides closed-loop clamp positioning for accurate position of coining gap.
  • Provides full rated tonnage coining capability for coining large surface area parts.
  • Provide independent power sources for simultaneous injection and clamp movement during coining to allow maximum velocities for both functions.
  • Provides fast clamp response to ensure clamp coining speed to meet industry requirements.
  • Provides clamp multi-step coining functionality that maximizes operation/molding window.
  • Allows sequential (operator selectable) valve gate control as a function of screw position to enhance process control and minimize tonnage requirements, i.e. low pressure.

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