FORTIS Difference

EPIC supplies leading medical product and service providers with world-class development and production of resorbable molded plastic products. By using superior molding technology to develop EngineeredĀ Polymers forĀ ImplantableComponents, EPIC seeks to accelerate the advancement of molded resorbable products to improve the quality of a patient’s life.

Fortis was formed to provide medical device manufacturers a source for molding resorbable polymers for the bio-absorbable implant market.

The Fortis division joins four other acquisitions that makeup Fortis plastics group. Founded in 1998, Fortis was formed to integrate upgraded equipment, scientific molding, and state of the art information systems, into sound acquisitions in order to improve each company. EPIC is the first SciTech division resulting from this technological investment. Expertise in medical and scientific molding enables EPIC to process very difficult to plastic mold polymers with minimal property degradation.

The other SciTech Companies are two medical molders, Day’s Molding & Machinery, LLC in Constantine, MI, and Accutech Plastics, Inc. of Marlborough, MA. Golston Co. in Sanger TX molds and manufactures carriers for the banking and medical industry and JD Industries of Sterling, MA molds medically related products and sells automation equipment.