Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing a variety of Plastic Injection Molds, like plastic caps plastic Injection molds, Injection Molds for screws, gears, buckets, Plastic Injection Molds for bottles, electronic components and all Molds for injection molding and blow molding. In addition, our company makes and exports more than 1000 moulds for the various plastic industry companies around the world.

We have advanced CNC Machine, EDM Machine, Wire-Cutting Machine(including low-speed), Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and state of the art processing machinery.

Our plastic products manufactured strictly comply with ISO9001:2000 spirit and regulations. Being authorized “Glory” brand with advanced equipments and machinery awarded “Quality Appreciation Brand” by Philippines Technical Supervised Intelligence Bureau in the year 2009.

We know our market demands High-quality service for forgen and domestic Market. Our moulds have been exported to US, UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Russia, Syria, Japan, India etc.


This is a process that creates a skin and core material arrangement in a plastic molded part. The skin material is injected first into the mold cavity and is immediately followed by injection of the core material. As the skin material flows into the cavity, the material next to the cavity walls freezes and material flows down a center channel. When the core material enters it displaces the skin material in the center of the channel by pushing the skin ahead. As it flows ahead it continues to freeze on the walls producing the skin layer.

Machine Based Co-Injection molding
The Co-Injection molding process requires two injection/processing units. The units generally inject material through a manifold located at the end of the injection barrels. The manifold ports the two melt streams into a centrally located nozzle. The machine controls the injection units to achieve a skin-core-skin flow sequence through the manifold into the mold. Last skin flow is needed to clear the short nozzle section of core material and to seal the gate area with skin. This arrangement can be used on any single or multiple cavity, conventional cold runner mold.

Mold Based Co-Injection molding
This same process can be achieved on a hot runner mold by utilizing a hot runner system from Incoe Corporation of Troy Michigan. This system, sometimes identified as “Mold Based Co-Injection”, still utilizes two injection units. The two melt streams are directed into the mod via separate channels. These two channels remain separate until they reach the gate area of the part. At this point they flow through a nozzle arrangement similar to the normal co-injection manifold.
Co-Injection Benefits

Lower Cost PartsHigher Strength CoreSound Absorption CoreReduced Cooling Time for Lower Temperature CoreImproved Aesthetic QualitiesCombined Property Characteristics
Co-Injection Features of a Milacron Machine

Independent Co-Injection Manifold Easy Purging Of Individual Barrels and Manifold.Reversible Manifold for Optimizing Barrel Capacity with Core %.Active Split ScreensTM for Viewing Multiple Screens At Once.Control Sequences for Utilizing in Mold Co-Injection Manifolds.Flexible Manifold Design for Machine or Mold Based Co-Injection.

Manifold for Machine Based
Manifold for Mold Based

Schematic of Incoe Co-Injection Hot


  • Foamed Core for reduced weight and noise transmission
  • Glass filled cores for improved physical properties
  • Low cost core for cost savings.
  • High gloss skin material over structural core material for combination of aesthetic and structural properties.
  • Post Consumer Recycled material in core. Environmental friendly.
  • Post Industrial recycled Material in core
  • Reground painted parts recycled into core.


The In-Mold Laminate/Low Pressure (IML) process combines standard machine technology with enhanced software and additional clamp control capabilities. The process has matured in the automotive market for molding laminates (carpets and vinyls) in products such as door panels.  In-Mold Laminate Molding eliminates post-molding assembly steps for lower manufacturing costs and increase productivity per square foot.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides closed-loop clamp positioning for accurate position of coining gap.
  • Provides full rated tonnage coining capability for coining large surface area parts.
  • Provide independent power sources for simultaneous injection and clamp movement during coining to allow maximum velocities for both functions.
  • Provides fast clamp response to ensure clamp coining speed to meet industry requirements.
  • Provides clamp multi-step coining functionality that maximizes operation/molding window.
  • Allows sequential (operator selectable) valve gate control as a function of screw position to enhance process control and minimize tonnage requirements, i.e. low pressure.

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Bulk Molding Compound

BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)/Thermoset Molding require the use of special material feed systems known as “stuffers”. The stuffer is used to prepare the material for presentation to the screw. The stuffer stores the material in a styrene saturated atmosphere, limiting the drying of the material.

Thermoset Machine FeaturesBMC dedicated control and softwareClose loop pressure controlStuffer interfaceScrew anti-repeat4 zones mold heats standard1 stage air ejectThermoset barrel and screwVenting/breathing sequenceBronze bushingsChrome rodsHeat/cool unitsSled control
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The Forti Plastics is a custom plastic injection molding service company, who is available to operate in both 4″ and 6″ systems. Bodies are available in transparent, opaque or ½ transparent and ½ opaque materials. The transparent body has a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The high strength opaque body includes an 18-month warranty against breakage, defects in workmanship, and material defects. Our trademark RedLatch® has a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship against defects and breakage.

PEVCO’s Leak-Resistant carriers are designed to provide the most inside capacity possible. There is a replaceable seal around the outsite to contain leaks within the carrier preventing them from spilling into the entire pneumatic system. The wearbands are a two-piece velcro system making them very easy to change. The patented latch is made of metal to prevent breakage within the system. There is a secondary catch to ensure the carrier will remain closed once it is closed prorperly.

We feel this is the best alternative to a leak-resistant carrier available in the market. Give it a try and see what you think.

Custom plastic molding -Security Carriers

These locking carriers provide the security needed to transport important and confidential material with safety. Only the individual with the appropriate key has access to its contents. Each lock allows keys to be removed only when they are in the locked position. This prevents the carrier from being sent unlocked and the contents being intercepted. The lock for each individual carrier is unique.

If you have confidential, hazardous, or valuable material to transport, this is the carrier for you.

Available for 4″ and 6″ systems.


The model 47-12 is for use in 4″ x 7″ point-to-point pneumatic systems. The unique side-opening carrier is easily loaded with large or bulky items. It is available in ½ clear and ½ black or all black. The black impact-resistive body is an ideal replacement for aluminum or other heavy-load carriers. It is closed with a spring-loaded plastic catch, but is also available with a key lock. It has gray felt bumpers and can be color-coded with color strips.

The approximate dimensions at the largest points on the carrier are 3 ¾” (H) x 6 ¾” (W) x 14 ¼” (L).


The Model 41 is designed to be the industry leader in side-opening carriers. It can be assembled into many different models to fit all systems requiring a side-opening canister. The most commonly used of these models are the 41-5PT in Hamilton systems and 41P in Diebold VAT II systems.

The Model 40 has a sleek new body style with flared ends to fit Tel Air systems. It may be color-coded either with the 1/2 body, the molded bumper or both. Bodies come in colors of red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, and clear. Bumpers come in the same color as bodies, also Gray.

The 40BW would be color-coded with Velcro. The Velcro comes in colors of red, blue, yellow, green, white, brown, and black.

There is no additional charge for color when ordering a carrier.

The Model PB410 is designed to operate in conveyor belt systems. It is sturdily constructed in one piece with a living hinge making it easy to open and assuring long life. The carrier is produced in Translucent colors of Red, Blue Green, and Yellow making it possible to see what is on the inside or solid colors of Black, Gray and Putty are also available.

Colored vinyl Self-adhesive strips are also available for use with the solid colored carriers. The strips are colored in red, blue, green, yellow, brown, and white. 

The approximate dimensions for PB410 are:
1 1/3,H ‘ x 4½ W” x 10¼ L”.

Plastic Injection Tooling

Here are some recent Fortis Plastics Group prototyping, plastic injection tooling & production applications. For additional information or assistance, please contact

On-line inspection instrumentation for the computer industry.  Inspection gage with remote SPC capabilities for the inspection of computer drive systems.

Prototype housing for an electronic geophysical surveying device. Made without tooling by joining together multiple sections made by stereolithography.

Ten plastic molds in ten weeks. Precision manufacturing and time to market were critical issues for CR Bard. And Brookfield Group came through. A remarkable development schedule. production and fine-tuning often plastic injection tooling mold in ten weeks.

Progressive die for the manufacture of the industrial razor blade holder. Die produced components complete, eliminating the need for secondary operations.

Parallel development of prototypes and building tools for the hand-held terminal. To save time and money, the first 10,000 pieces were manufactured by using modified aluminum molds initially used for prototypes.

Large inspection gages for the aircraft industry.Two stations final inspection gage utilizing ultra precision LVDT electronic probes feeding to  PC computer for SPC of commercial aircraft turbine vanes.

Early involvement adds value to the Allen Wrench Tool Caddy production. Early project management. even at the napkin sketch phase… helps identify the many steps where Brookfield Group can eliminate time lapses and/or operate concurrently to gain, rather than lose, time.

Plastic Part Development

Supporting Phillips Plastic Mold tooling design through distribution capabilities is the

Company’s rich history of research and development activities, which are aimed at helping customers push the boundaries with polymers, metals, and ceramics. With experience examining the new product and process opportunities to evaluating, designing, and building automation systems and components, Phillips’ research and development team can help reduce time to market, increase throughput, lower costs, and improve quality.

In addition, Phillips’ dedicated Technology Center allows for creative freedom and a place for customers to gain access to some of the most advanced products and processes in the marketplace, including:

  • New product development, automation services, and program management
  • Electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Coating and finishing engineering
  • Medical plastic molding devices
  • Ceramics
  • Electroluminescence/lighting
  • Testing and evaluation
  • FEA, market analysis