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Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing a variety of Plastic Injection Molds, like plastic caps plastic Injection molds, Injection Molds for screws, gears, buckets, Plastic Injection Molds for bottles, electronic components and all Molds for injection molding and blow molding. In addition, our company makes and exports more than 1000 moulds for the various plastic industry companies […]


This is a process that creates a skin and core material arrangement in a plastic molded part. The skin material is injected first into the mold cavity and is immediately followed by injection of the core material. As the skin material flows into the cavity, the material next to the cavity walls freezes and material […]


The In-Mold Laminate/Low Pressure (IML) process combines standard machine technology with enhanced software and additional clamp control capabilities. The process has matured in the automotive market for molding laminates (carpets and vinyls) in products such as door panels.  In-Mold Laminate Molding eliminates post-molding assembly steps for lower manufacturing costs and increase productivity per square foot. Features and benefits: […]

Bulk Molding Compound

BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)/Thermoset Molding require the use of special material feed systems known as “stuffers”. The stuffer is used to prepare the material for presentation to the screw. The stuffer stores the material in a styrene saturated atmosphere, limiting the drying of the material. Thermoset Machine FeaturesBMC dedicated control and softwareClose loop pressure controlStuffer […]


The Forti Plastics is a custom plastic injection molding service company, who is available to operate in both 4″ and 6″ systems. Bodies are available in transparent, opaque or ½ transparent and ½ opaque materials. The transparent body has a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The high strength opaque body includes an 18-month […]

Plastic Injection Tooling

Here are some recent Fortis Plastics Group prototyping, plastic injection tooling & production applications. For additional information or assistance, please contact On-line inspection instrumentation for the computer industry.  Inspection gage with remote SPC capabilities for the inspection of computer drive systems. Prototype housing for an electronic geophysical surveying device. Made without tooling by joining together multiple sections […]

Plastic Part Development

Supporting Phillips Plastic Mold tooling design through distribution capabilities is the Company’s rich history of research and development activities, which are aimed at helping customers push the boundaries with polymers, metals, and ceramics. With experience examining the new product and process opportunities to evaluating, designing, and building automation systems and components, Phillips’ research and development […]